The most ambitious launch in Everlane’s young history: Denim. It took 2 years to develop, and another 4 months of prep, concepting, and execution to get the launch right.

Denim represented an entirely new category for Everlane. And not just any category: denim is fundamental—across cultures, throughout history, and relevant to almost any wardrobe. So we wanted to mark the occasion by building out the biggest and most evocative launch our little team could.

Everything—from the digital, print, social and out-of-home marketing—centered around one idea: we’ve made denim you can get behind. It’s priced fairly; it’s designed thoughtfully; and, unlike 99% of denim out there, it doesn’t fuck up the planet to manufacture it.

I worked with our creative, marketing, and EPD teams to build out a 3-week interactive site to both hype the product and reiterate our core message. Along with housing our 2 teaser commercials, the site evolved week-to-week, panning out to reveal more details and story as the launch grew closer. We topped off the experience by designing an entirely new shopping experience on (we’re calling it the Denim Shop) and also launching an immersive factory site that took customers inside our denim making process. It’s by far the most in-depth factory story we’ve ever produced.

OK go buy some denim now.

Process, process, process.
An array of early wireframes for both the hype landing pages and Denim Shop
The Denim Factory desktop landing page
The Denim Factory mobile landing page
Full scroll experience for the denim factory landing page
The Denim hype mobile landing page
The Denim hype desktop landing page
On September 6, we shut our entire website down in anticipation for denim.
The hype campaign ran for three weeks, and brought customers to an immersive web experience where they could preview the styles and watch the campaign videos.
The custom denim shop featured expanded product details, a comparison tool, and additional editorial moments.
Marketing emails and social collateral from the hype campaign.



September 7, 2017


Video production